Your new favourite NPC: Wydegnip

This npc is for use by DM’s anywhere. For me, this is a creative writing exercise. For you, this might be your next favourite NPC. Notice that I wrote it in a gender-neutral fashion, so you can edit it in any way you please, also I have sown adventure hooks and background hooks wherever I can, leaving things open for the DM’s digression. I hope you love these, as it will help me to write more in the future. If you do use it, let me know on twitter or comment below how and where you used them. I am always curious to hear stories of them!

Wydegnip is a halfling Barbarian. What they lack in size, they lack in courage. The fun thing about them is that they can never wield their axe, only when they are really, really angry and almost raging. Nobody ever expects them to rage, but anything can trigger them, as if something tragical in their backstory can trigger them at any time. It can be something small (no pun intended) or something big, depending on the DM’s choice.

For a halfling they have a braided beard, and are always confused with dwarfs due to their axe, which they think is highly offensive (this might be one of their triggers). They seem rather dull at first, but after a few pints they become the life of the party. What they lack in Charisma, they make up for in intelligence. They are not the typical barbarian that attacks first and asks questions later to the dismembered creatures they have reaped.

One of the talents that they keep hidden, is that they draw exceptionally beautiful, but don’t comment on it, as it might make them rage. They are rather shy about their drawings and will hardly show them to anyone, except when drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

They see doom everywhere. Not just on the battlefield. They can predict when something is going to happen as if they can sense it somehow. They always have their hand on their knife, with which they are always ready to strike. Their axe is for bigger foes, while their knife is for anybody that does them wrong.

They are a loyal friend, once you get to know them, but once their trust is broken, you lose it forever (this might be another trait why they are taken for a dwarf, maybe their father was dwarf, or their mother).

They want to know anything. They can not leave any stone or weed unturned and want to know or try anything. They have spent several afternoons in pubs checking every item on the table and are great connaiseurs of food and drink. They can recommend you, due to their travel, any type of food and know a lot of people. They have build up friendships all over the land and can call upon a lot of them when the need arises. Thanks to their trusty falcon companion, which is always close nearby, they can summon whatever they want, as their friends know that they will always receive something in return, maybe not immediately, but it will come!

They value creativity. They love their drawings but even in battle. They will not go for the easy targets, but will find a way to take out an opponent several times larger than them, even with the cards heavily against them, they will try to find a way to come on top, even if that means literally. They are known to, in a fit of rage, to throw their axe, with a rope attached to it, so the fly together with the axe, if it hits, they are at the creature already, if it misses, they still have their knife at the ready, to strike regardless. They have won a lot of battles this way and the tactic has been known wide and far as the “Wydegnip trip”.

Their mother died a few years ago, and due to their special bond, they are very protective of the necklace that they wear. Nobody knows if it is magic or not, as they will hardly show it to anyone, but during a drunken stupor they might reveal more about the necklace, maybe a little to much, and this might be a bad thing for them, as people will have their eyes on them.

They love money, maybe another dwarven trait they inherited. They love free drink and food, and will barter for it, but don’t try to knock money out of their pockets, they will resent you for it. They are addicted gamblers and will never let an opportunity rest to gain more money. They will never do so in a dishonest way, but hate losing (another reason why they might rage).

They don’t hate to fight, but they don’t love it either. They would rather have a nice meal than have to cleave through 20 goblins, although they are proficient at it. They always have a great tale to tell (although true or not) about some great battle they were in. They know how to weave an interesting tale (as their father might have been a half-ling bard).

Nobody knows where this halfling came from, but everybody has heard a tale about Wydegnip and his Wydegnip trip and always want to buy him food or drink to hear one of his tales.

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