Work for free?

Just had a discussion with a friend of mine, and lacked the replies at the moment to really hit home what I wanted to say.

He was talking about an autistic guy that labeled the games in a Videogamestore. He worked there 3 hours for free. (I don’t know how many days). Volunteer job.

My friend said it had to be some kind of therapy to keep him busy. I thought it was pure profiting from a disabled persons time, and willingness. Eventhough the person might be disabled it isn’t right to have them work for free.

My friend agreed with me on this. What he didn’t agree with me on, was to tell his boss that it wasn’t right and that is was ableist, and discrimination and a modern form of slavery.

He could ask his boss if he would work 3 hours for free. If he would spend time and effort in helping a store for free. If it was right to milk a disabled persons willingness for your own gain and give them nothing in return.

He said he will not do something about it, because it might endanger his job. I know for a fact that I would speak out, and probably will. I will probably mail the chain and tell them this isn’t right. I know it might cost me my job, but I don’t mind. I can always talk to instances that will help me to fight this injustice, like all people should do. If they can get away with having one person do unpaid work, they will keep doing it. This is the purest form of discrimination.

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