I remember as a little version of me that my father allowed me to play games on his business pc. It was still a rare commodity to even have a pc in the house, let alone that you were allowed to play on it. I was one of the few in my first year of school that had a computer at home.

I was also one of the first that had games. Wolfenstein was the first shooter I played. I was 5.

I loved the game, although it was creepy for me to shoot the germans and the noises they made and sometimes the screen froze and I had to reset the computer and start all over again (CTRL. ALT. DELETE).

I tell you this, because recently, my love for wolfenstein has rekindled.

Thanks to an offer on xbox one I bought Wolfenstein: the new order and played it. Played it and even finished it (which is rare in this age of online gaming). I loved every second of it. I hated every nazi that I shot (and I shot many). I loved the voice acting and the way they made you feel.

The story was awesome and the nods to the past games were fabulous to notice. I was again that kid at my dad’s computer.

After I finished the first game, the second had already been released and I bought that one too (together with season pass) and finished that one as well, again, the same feeling. The same bloody mess everytime you shot a nazi. New enviroments, new story, but the same marvelous voice acting and story to enhance your experience.

I know for sure that I will buy the third installment of this trilogy the moment it releases, which won’t be anytime soon, but then again. I had to wait so many years for a good follow up to my childhood memories, I can wait.

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