why writing, watching or reading fiction is difficult for me

This is going to sound like an arrogant post, but it isn’t. This is real for me. And it is really, really difficult.

I have watched a lot of movies, a lot of series and read a couple of fiction books, but it is really difficult to find something original for example “the hitman’s bodyguard”. I have not watched it completely, but will now write how it’s going to progress.

I am now at the point that Ryan Reynold’s character has met Samuel L. Jackson and they recognized eachother and are forced to work together. I have seen this before in for example Shanghai Noon, with Jacky Chan and Owen Wilson. Buddy movies. So if my hunch is correct. Ryan Reynolds will hook up again with his ex, played by the actress who played Elektra. He will see that Samuel L. Jackson isn’t so bad after all, when his life is saved by him. The villain, played by Gary Oldman, will die a horrible death in a firefight with the two protagonists. Where there is a setup for a sequel. The same as Bad Boys, and probably many, many others.

It gets boring after a while, seeing the way movies work out. I should’ve never have read “Save the cat”, which pulled back the curtain and showed me how 90 percent of movies are made and thanks to Sturgeon’s law, I can pass by a lot of those movies. Like now, although I can predict what is going to happen, I will finish it just because I like the actors and the chemistry of the movie, not because the story is new.

Sometimes, sometimes, once in a blue moon, a movie or book will do something new and pull me in and make me a fan for life. Like Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, The matrix. Movies and series like that. Although they are a specific genre, sometimes fiction does something different and is interesting again. Make me rethink and that is what I like. I don’t like the fact that I am able to predict things although I haven’t watched the movie. I want to be surprised. I want to leave the movie theatre satisfied that I didn’t see the ending coming 15 minutes into the film.

The same goes for books. I hate being able to predict what is going to happen.

The same goes for my own writing. I hate that I can’t write fiction that I can’t link back to at least a dozen books. Thanks to Mr. Robot I learned how to pay homage to the things I love and twist the things just enough so they become interesting again, for example taking a picture and putting the focus on a different character can change the story completely, for example look at Lestat in interview with a vampire. How would the story have played from his viewpoint?

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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