Why I might seem harsh

On the twitter and other conversations I might have, I might come accross as harsh. I notice this particularly when I converse with people who don’t do research or want to peddle some pseudo-science or “experts” that don’t have expertise in autism at all, but want to make money of my neurotype, and to be honest, I am sick of it.

I’m sick of being polite. I’m sick of peddling to people that are either ignorant, or simply don’t want to learn. I will spend my time with those that want to ask questions, those that want to spend time learning and innovating for our sake, not for to line their own pockets on our backs. We are not your animals to use and abuse, we are also human beings, although with a different neurotype than yours.

We are used on a daily basis to give our opinion on subjects, I don’t mind this. I would love to help other autistics. I hate it when I am constantly asked for an opinion by so called experts who use our knowledge, our expertise, without hiring us, while they are getting paid with our expertise, our experience, and they are seen as the experts here.

This is why I am harsh, one of the reasons. The other reason is that I can’t stand pseudo-science. I can’t stand oils, and creams and all that other bullshit that is meant to cure autism or some of our symptoms while it only lines the pocket of some snake-oil salesman (or woman). I won’t have it anymore, and I won’t stay polite.

Just a heads up: if you follow me on twitter or wherever and you expect me to stay civil when somebody like this comes accross me, don’t. I won’t stay civil.

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  • 06/09/2019 om 15:16


    glad to see this being retweeted!

    And I suppose everyone has had to make a version of this post.

    Glad you don’t tolerate pseudoscience. I sometimes have but I am learning!


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