Why I love being autistic

I haven’t talked about it much, as I haven’t thought about it much either. I have seen so many people hate autism and hate autistics, even now with the new autismsucks hashtag on twitter. It hurts us autistics, although it is “only meant to vent frustration” it still hurts us autistics.

I love being autistic. I love the creative thinking it gives me, I love how I can deconstruct a whole complex thing into its barebones and explain it to you. I can see the similarities in things other people miss or don’t want to see.

I get absorbed in things that interest me in a way neurotypicals only can dream of or call an elusive state called flow. Give me a magic dvd and you will see me go into flow, or let me watch a good movie, or as now, let me watch the xbox presentation of E3 and I will make connections and go into flow and you won’t hear me until the whole thing is over.

I also have adhd, which makes it more difficult to go into flow, but give me the right things and I can easily achieve them.

What I love most is the autistic community. The people I connect with through Twitter and whom have my back when something bad happens during a discussion. The people that read what I write her on this very blog and allow me to have a platform on which I ramble and create the things that interest me, like now the “Awake Willie’s Captain’s log” which I create out of my sea of thieves games and which I think are fun things to do, which I haven’t done with a game before.

Autism can be so much fun, especially the community, but to some, it shouldn’t be this way. Autism is a burden, something to be despised, something to be rid off, something that needs to be eradicated.

Would you eradicate creativity? Out of the box thinking? Intelligence? You combine a unique set of these characteristics when you eradicate autism. So you have two options: learn to love (your) autism, or eradicate original thought.

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