Why I don’t like Asperger?

I am autistic. If you really want my full diagnose, here it is: I am diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder level of care 2. So I need more care than those on level 1 or those that would be diagnosed with Asperger.

Thanks to watching this clip by George Carlin (euphemisms).

Asperger was invented to describe those that had no language delay when they grew up autistic, but for the rest are exactly the same as the rest of the autistic community.

I hate the word Aspie itself as well. It’s cutesy, it is devoid of the condition it represents, it hides the stigma, the history of autism. This is why so many “aspies” cling to asperger’s because it hides this exactly the way they like it, and they don’t have to mingle with the rest of the autistic crowd and even get patted on the back by neurotypicals. I get it. “You are not as autistic as my son” “No, madame, I am an aspie” “oh great”.

Aspies are bestowed with all the good qualities of an autistic with almost no bad things associated with it. They don’t carry the stigma and I don’t think most of the “aspies” could carry it, this is why they cling to their label and want to keep it that way. Cowards.

I never was an aspie and I bet if I was diagnosed 2 decades earlier, I would’ve been an aspie, but I am not. I grew up never being diagnosed, never having been told I was autistic, or even asperger. Maybe they need to invent an new condition for people like me, people that have masked succesfully all those decades, even went through the normal schooling system. We are still autistic, but we masked better than those with Asperger.

You should have seen the controversy by the aspies when it came to light (although it was longer known, but those fuckers don’t read books about autism, only those that reinforce their stereotype of being supreme to autistics (get why I call them aspie supremacists?), it was years known already before the controversy, even I knew about it and I started reading books about autism only last year, Hans Asperger was a nazi, he sent of kids to be killed, plain and simple.

You should have seen the comments by those aspies who know saw their identity crumbling. I must admit that I liked to see them struggle, like a snail coated with salt.

I don’t like euphemistic language. I have been held back a couple of times because teachers kept saying to me that if I kept at it like I was that I would make it. Only my last year, my french teacher came up to me and told me straight up, without bullshitting, that if I didn’t get a good grade on my next assignment, I would be done for and I would be held back again. I don’t think I ever worked that hard in my whole school carriere. I still mentally thank that lady every now and then for being that honest with me and I expect that kind of honesty when you interact with me. I don’t need soft language. I don’t need cutesy euphemisms. I don’t need aspies surrounding me. I would rather have those that have the balls to carry the weight of the past, those that suffered to get us where we are now, to carry the legacy of those that fought for our rights as disabled autistics. I would rather have those, than those cowards that hid behind a cutesy label that sought the approval of Neurotypicals.

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