Why does neurodiversity seem so important nowadays?

On twitter I see autistics and other neurodiverse people go against the neurodiversity movement. I really don’t get why. It’s not the neurodiversity movement that needs to be attacked, it’s all the other people that want to limit us, that want to get rid of us that should be countered.

This is why the neurodiversity movement, of which I am a proud member, is so damn important. It is more important than ever thanks to the orange gorilla being president and more and more things that have been gained due to advocating are turned back. More and more we go back to the world circa 1950.

Almost a year ago now, I hoped that when I got my autism assessment and the confirmation of what I always felt was a right diagnose, would help me in life, would help me gain a job. Nothing is further from the truth. I am to intelligent to get a job in a local sheltered workshop, but I have to many support needs to get another job, under a regular employer. A great fit for me, would be a job in which I can explore and make material to teach people, like a volunteer job I am going to do, but there is no budget in that non-profit to pay me, so I will have to work for free for a time and let them see that I am worth a full time employment;

What I am also going to do is apply for more jobs, tell them I am autistic and make note of their reaction and press charges if they discriminate, so less and less workplaces discriminate and more and more actions are to be taken against discrimination against autistics or other disabled sisters and brethren. It shouldn’t be done anymore, but still is prevelant everyday.

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