why autism parent cults prevail

Sympathy points, the one and only true currency of the autism parent cult

When you join the cult, you get your first batch of bonus pats on the back. Free of charge. No purchase necessary.  You get them in the form of “oh, your kid is really autistic!” and “oh, your kid is very severe”. This is the starter package.

You can opt-in for the more advanced package, the anti-vaxxer plus, for this you need to do a lobotomy and sell your slightly used brain on the market (you will get a good price for it, because it is only slightly used), and you need to go into discussion with autistics about vaccines and say your prayers to Andrew Wakefield, from then on your almighty god. You need a church too? You can go to the buildings of Autism Speaks.

Sympathy points are the currency in which they will pay you. Nothing will go to your autistic. Autistics are seen as unlovable, as broken, as shells. You do good if you say that your life is completely destroyed by your autistic. Cashing: extra sympathy points. You will even get away with saying that you would love to drive your autistic of a bridge. You guessed it: extra sympathy points for your autism mom bonus card, which you can use against autistics whom will pester you with logic and facts about autism. You don’t need all that. You need sympathy. Sympathy is all that matters.

Want to kill your child for real? You can also use sympathy points for this. You can cash them in for a free pass to kill your child. When the newspapers mention you (no, they will hardly ever mention your autistic), they will see that you are the real victim here. They will mention you as a hard-working mother with hardly any support, whom must had it so hard caring for an autistic.

You see, it is better to join the autism parent cult than using facts and logic. Facts and logic will only get you the truth. The truth that autism isn’t that bad. Autism has no severity. Autism is just another way of brain structuring, which colours all subjective interpretation (I know this is a long word and difficult sentence, but it basically means that all what comes in through the senses, is coloured by the autism brain, so autistics see the world differently).

But you don’t want logic and facts, right? You want approval and pats on the back from your neurotypical kinsmen. You want Sympathy points.

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