What if the Roman empire never existed?

what if the Roman empire never existed?

If you look at society today, it is still evident that there is a lot of influence due to the Roman empire. Bread and games is still big, to give the masses something to do, think and talk about.

Philosophers are still viewed as a folk on their own. They still give their views about the world, but aren’t really consulted, nor is their wisdom much followed.

Government is something the general population still hasn’t much to do with. There is a democracy now, although, they make it seem like there is one, but there is actually still a system much like the Roman Empire in place. We, the general public, are to be governed, not to govern ourselves. We are rarely consulted on big decisions, which still impact us, but we have no impact upon.

There are still gladiators in things like the WWE (although fake), the MMA (real) and boxing and other fighting sports. They are looked at like champions, like people to advertise with, like all sports people actually.

There are still big malls, were people buy useless shit, to impress their fellow humans.

The faces on our coins, was a roman idea as well. Like our law is still inspired by the Roman system.

If there was no Roman empire, our society as a whole, would look very, very different. Our cities here in Europe as well as America (actually the whole western civilisation) is still based on Roman empire.

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