What about the autism epidemic?

What about the autism epidemic?

In recent years, many people, even esteemed actors, have talked against the autism epidemic and what they think is caused by vaccines.

Autism in this way has gained a lot of publicity, which helps the agenda of politicians like Donald Trump and organisations like Autism speaks, whom are looking for a cure for something that is ingrained in us, something we are born with.

I am still reading “In a different key” which tells the history of autism (I also read “Neurotribes”), both are excellent books, but they also have opened my eyes.

They talk of an autism epidemic, while the numbers have shot up, how else could they have gone up?

They only started to keep numbers starting from 1992, and more and more people started to seek out a diagnosis, while also the DSM (the psychiatric manual) started to relax the criteria for the diagnosis, so more and more people are diagnosed with autism.

The vaccine scare is still a backlash from a faulty paper published by a schmuck called Randy Wakefield, not based on actual scientific fact.

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