We are living in a dystopia.

Thanks to me being an outsider, I have the luxury of having an outside view of society. I don’t watch tv-programming, as I live in a position that I can’t afford it, and if I could afford it I still wouldn’t. I don’t come into contact with mainstream media all that much. I don’t actively seek out to. I catch the most important messages anyway. It reaches me anyway. I don’t stress about everyday news, I don’t care about everyday news. I care about myself. Most people pretend to care about others, but unlike me, they don’t admit that they only care about themselves. I have never been a group-guy. Never been one of them, of the herd. I always was me, myself, alone, which seems like a bad things, which they want you to believe to be a bad thing, but it isn’t. I am not easily manipulated: just to give you a figure: my mom took years to manipulate me against my father, which in the end, didn’t work exactly as she had planned, as I was kicked out of the house, by court order, now almost 1 year ago. My eldest sister is afraid of me, because I look right through her attempts at manipulation, same goes for society. Society hates honesty. Hates the unmanipulatable, I think this is why they hate autistics.


I see through shallow attempts of having everybody conform to a certain standard. I see the ads, I see the subtle groupcohersion. It doesn’t stick. It shouldn’t stick. It doesn’t help. I see all the vague attempts to otracize people like me, but thanks to being me, to being used to it, you create a shell. A shell that is hard to penetrate. I go against those attempts. I have survived for so long, I can go on longer. It gets harder, they try harder. But it doesn’t work. I don’t care if they take it all, they can never take me. They can jail me, but in the end, they only take away my physical freedom, not my mental freedom. They will never be able to take my mental freedom. I can still think, which they don’t like, but I can still do it. You can too. You too can throw of the manipulation, show the world the real you. The moment you don’t care what other people think of you, is the moment you are a threat to society, but free on your own. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, nobody can ever know for 100 percent certainty what you are thinking or why you do things, so what is keeping you?


The next generation will be harder to manipulate, because the next generation doesn’t care about mainstream media, so they are now writing algorithms so you see online what you want to see, facebook is already doing exactly that. They use machine learning to con you in the end. Machines will create the reality you will see, will believe. This version of the matrix is real.


The next generation will be more traditional, will start making everything themselves. I can see it today in Coder Dojo’s, in the 3D printing revolution. The next generation will make their own electronics. They will be done with cheaply made electronics that are meant to break within 5 years, and if they do break, they will fix them. No more manipulation of prices, of having to be dominated by manufacturers. No longer will there be a class struggle to keep up with the latest gizmo. No longer will they be manipulated against eachother in brand wars. No longer will race, economics or level of education matter.


We are already living in a dystopia. Everybody is spying on us thanks to the camera’s in everyday devices, even in our televisions. They know what you watch so they can better cater to what you are watching. They train AI to sell you things you don’t need based on your behaviour online. Computers know you better than you or your mom. More and more will this become standard practice.


Designer babies will become a thing. For a price you can have the child you want. Blond hair? Blue eyes? They are experimenting with it. Invitrofertilisation already makes it possible for people like me, whom are practically infertile to have children. In the future it will become a thing to pick and choose what you want, the traits you want, and then the human race will have conquered nature. Already disabled people are being ostracized. Seen as less then. Down’s syndrome is already being taken out of the gene pool, next is autism. Designer babies, the basis for eugenics, is already started today. It is not decades from now, already disability is frowned upon, only perfect babies will be accepted. Sports will become boring. Different classes of people will be created. You won’t be one of those. The perfect babies will be born and created for the 1 percent. Only those will survive. The rest will die. I know this sounds grim, but it will become the future. Survival of the fittest, of the most perfect species, best adapted to its situation, and you won’t be it. They will create your replacement human or robot, they will choose.


Earth will become an amalgam of 1984 and Brave New World. For most of us the hunger games won’t be far of either. It is best to read up on those, as they will become your manual, not mere fiction. They will become a reality. We need to prevent this, but already are the wheels turning to make them our reality. It is up to us to go against the 1 percent. We can do it, but we have to work together. We can’t let race, class, or whatever keep us fightings amongst ourselves, while the 1 percent gets away with privatizing and putting a price on everything, including our water. This is not a doomsday scenario, this will become our reality. In a few years, not decades.


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