Unexpected tales: The Island

Due to me started to play PUBG with my girlfriend, and me loving the game and dystopian fiction, I tried my hand on a backstory for the game, although the creator wrote that there is a backstory, nothing has been released so far, so here is my take on it. written with the help of Rory Story Cubes.


He had a fascination with fishing and aliens, before they put him up on the plane towards the island and his only key thought was to survive. His stomach became upset when he heard the engines roar. His mind started to race. There was no light in the plane and all he heard around him was the breathing, all kinds of them. Short shallow breaths, long calming breaths. He heard caughing, sneezing, crying. All of it. A red light shone above them. He could not make out any other face. He heard someone, far off in the plane laugh maniacally. Thoughts sprang to his head about serial killers laughing before they commited murders. Images of comic book villains sprang to his head with wide grins on their face before they shot somebody and crippled them for life.

He heard another sound. A countdown. 5 second to green. 4. 3. 2. and the right sprang to green and light started to seep through a small gap at the back of the plane. “You know the rules” said the speaker. “Jump or be pushed, but all of you have to go on the island. Last one gets food. A nice, hot chicken dinner. May you have all the luck in the world.

One island, 100 people dropped. Only one can survive. Who imagines such a thing? What kind of mad man must he be only known as “PlayerUnknown”, known as “the inventor” to some.

Eventually, he jumped, after seeing jump after jump after jump. He choose a small set of houses near the shore, in hopes of getting a weapon or be killed. He dove straight down to get faster to the ground and ensure his survival, although for how long, he wasn’t certain.

He opened his parachute as late as he possible could. A bit further, one or two houses away from him, he saw another parachute coming down, a woman. He certainly hoped she would be of the gentle kind. What would happen if she got a weapon and had to face the choice of shooting him, at this range, she would see his expression. Would she be able to live with it if she survived? He opened the door of the house and leapt inside, and looked around while he closed the door behind him. He saw a backpack, which would come in handy to store all the things he needed for his survival. A machine gun, he guessed an AK because he had seen it on tv before, and a scope. Some ammunition was conveniently placed beside the gun. He loaded up the gun, attached the scope and went to the second floor. Here he found a medkit and a helmet, something that looked like a tactical vest and a handgun with some ammo. They had warned everybody on the plane for the contagion zone. A blue electric wall that would make the area smaller and smaller until the last few survivors had to stare eachother in the face and shoot point blank.

They all had gotten a wristwatch that had a small gps map of the island and a radius of where the blue wall was. He was way outside of the zone they had to be in and only had 5 minutes to get to it. How would he survive that long walk, or run? He was by no means athlethic and only had eaten a week ago, so he felt pretty weak to begin with.

He heard footsteps outside and a door open. He heard the cocking of a gun and step by step on the stairs, he started to aim. The womans head poked above the stairs and he had only a few seconds to gauge if he wanted to shoot her or not. he decided not to and to lower his gun. He didn’t say a thing, because they were listening. The 1 percent. The ones making the bets now. Who would win. Who would survive. Who would get the chicken dinner. Those that had the money to spare. Those that organized these events. Those that used the poor as cattle in their sick games. This wasn’t the only event. Somewhere else kids were used in a similar premise. Kids specially selected for their fearce nature, or just at random. Champions or something were they called.

For this, it’s random. You were kidnapped. Drugged and eventually you woke up on a small airfield and led to the airplane and eventually you had to jump or be shot. No choice. She aimed at him. he saw her think. Ponder. She asked him to get on his knees. To drop his guns and backpack. He obeyed. She meant business.

He dropped to his knees. Saw her walk over to him and walk behind him. Last thing he heard was the gun go off. 99 players left.


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