Ubisoft Forward 1

I loved this Ubisoft presentation of their new flagship titles. I loved how personal it felts to us, gamers. They were thanking us, giving away free stuff. Really focusing on getting the message across. 2 titles really jumped out for me and I am going to talk more in depth about them.

Assassins creed: Valhalla
To be honest, I don’t know what do think. It wants to do a lot in the span of a game. It becomes a city building things where you have to go on raids and manage resources. It wants you to explore. It wants you to do a lot. It doesn’t feel like assassin’s creed to me (for what I have seen now). I love the visuals. I love the scope of the game and the story they want to tell, but I am really curious in how it will tie in with the assassins creed lore. That is not someething they have talked about and should have, in my opinion to really sell it more as a true assassins creed game. The visuals are stunning, it features a gender choice at the start of the game, which I was a fan of in odyssey. I really want to get my hands on it to see what it can bring to the table and to this whole series in general. Valhalla as of now, with the information I have available now feels like For Honor meets Assassin’s creed.

Watchdogs: Legions
This one was the most ambitious to me. The short movie they showed at the beginning had my jaw on the floor. I loved the aesthetic and then they showed what was possible and I can see the real replay value of this title. You can approach any mission like you want and really gives you a sandbox to rebel in. It gave me a hitman-style feeling, which is a good thing. They give you an enviroment where you get to play with different characters for a common cause, and let you choose how you want to play, how you want to interact with a gameworld that is a clear dystopia and rebel against it and make the world your own. I loved that you had a team in Watchdogs 2, and that you get to play as them near the end, but I really looked forward to a game like this, where you get to build your resistance and take on missions for that resistance to take out the evil in that world. I love how the series progressed from lone wolf, to progressive team to a whole nation you get to contract. I am looking forward to getting my hands on it and really see what possibilities this will bring. With the information I have now Legions looks like it will bring an experience that feels like Watch Dogs meets Hitman meets cyberpunk 2077.

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