It seems that the filth of human society, since Trumps run for presidency and his forced election, got all kinds of lowlifes into the limelight, with practices that shouldn’t be tolerated anymore in a civilised society.

More and more racism is visible, although I don’t live in America, I see more and more videos appearing of people destroying sleeping places of homeless people, yelling at mexican families, ranting against a black man, as if this should be tolerated.

For disableds it isn’t easy either. More and more of these Trumpers, a name for todays nazi’s in america or followers of Trump, which is basically the same thing, follow the dictations of Trump and attack everything he doesn’t believe in like the media. It seems to me that it is no coincidence that the media is shot after Trump has attacked them more and more and even the term “fake news” is common place now. Every piece of media that doesn’t hit him right or doesn’t flatter him, is fake news. I wouldn’t be surprised that he would think that my blogging about him and vaccines would be deemed fake news too.

This brings me to anti-vaxxers, because in Trump, they now have a president that believes what they do and directly blames vaccines for autism, which has been proven to be false time and time again, but would be deemed fake news by these nitwits.

I have said before that we live in a dystopia, and more and more I get proof for this. We, the people, should be resisting this. Where is the resistance?

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