To simp or not to simp

yes, it finally happened. I am officially at that age that I dislike the last generations slang words. This one became my “i’m too old for this shit moment”.

I am into chess lately, heavily. I love watching it, learning about it, reading books, playing, everything. It’s my go to thing when I feel depressed and yes, I am depressed again.

Chess keeps me away from the darker emotions and disables my emotions completely as I have to think (although my games would suggest I don’t think at all.)

It was today that I reached my limit with this term. I heard it before, didn’t like it before, but this instance was just too much. I will give you the context. I was watching a video by the Botez sisters (I highly recommend them as they make enjoyable chess content and are very talented young women. You can do so at their twitch channel or on their youtube.

I am not good, so I was watching a youtube video, where they talk about the 10 chess tips every beginner should know to give you an insight in where my level is at, at the moment.

The first comment is what got me. Not the comment itself, but the replies on it. I screenshotted it for your convenience.

screenshot of the youtube video comments

I know, youtube videos have more of these comment sections that are toxic, but this one was the one that got me started on this video. Matt in this instance is being nice. He likes the content, wants to see more of it and replies to the video. The second one is just toxic. Just a simple “Simp”. Adlex goes even a step further and comments on the girl’s looks to push in the comment a little deeper.

I always wonder, those that type these kinds of comments, what are they like in real life. Would they dare say this to this young woman in her face? Would they even dare to go up to her and even speak to her?

I am now 22 years on the internet. A very, very long time. Longer than some are on this planet. My manner of speaking in tweets or comments is in a way that I would talk to other people. Am I angry, then I will curse. If I love something, I will tell it. Somebody died, I will offer them my condolences. I would do this in real life too. If you read my tweets or read my blogposts, this is exactly the kind of language you will get while you chat with me offline as well. I am not a different person online and offline, and this takes courage. Courage to own what you say. Courage to dare to be you. Unapologetically.

I hate toxicity. I love criticism, criticism can build a better person. Toxicity is just nasty and I don’t get why people do it. Also, there is the ableist connotation of simp. Simp is shorthand for Simpleton. A simpleton refers to people with intellectual disabilities and even the shorthand should be out of usage.

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