To Sherlock or not to Sherlock

i write this at the 1st of january, a few hours before the new bbc Sherlock starts.

I was sitting behind the tv, waiting how Sherlock survived, and was exhilirated to see my favourite mentalist Derren Brown in one of the explanations. I loved it. Every second of it.

I love how Sherlock is portrayed, how intellectual he is. How his mind palace is pictures, and still… there is something inhumane in his whole demeanor. He wants to be seen as “not human”.

Over the pond, there is another Sherlock, with a gender-swapped Watson, This Sherlock is struggling with an addiction, is more humane, cares, in his own way, for the people around him.

In a way he is more human, I like him because I have a lot of traits like him and one of my favourite researchers, Tony Attwood, had a very fun diagnosis for Sherlock. He’s not a high-functioning sociopath, he is autistic. I have a lot of traits as well, but I will only know for sure in march, so I have to be patient.

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