The worst people to talk to…

when you are autistic, you will have allies, people that will help you learn to cope with autism. The most fun people to talk to, are those on the spectrum themselves. You don’t have to fake it. They understand you instantaniously.

The worst… by far… without any competition at all… are the autism moms.

I was in a group on Facebook, and after i started sharing my experiences with autism, they started migrating the group, because their safespace was violated.

It was mostly because they couldn’t vent anymore about how difficult their life was and how bad little Timmy messed up their life…

I gave pretty good advice to Some of them… but in the end it wasn’t appreciated. There were more autistics in the group, and we weren’t welcome there. We were silenced. The one group that could understand their kids and help them through their difficulties were silenced by the one group that needed their help the most.

Never have i met more selfish and ignorant people. Maybe I should go to church more often to meet more ignorant people.

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