The true face of the pandemic and how to change it

I look forward to the day the pandemic ends, but it also shows the true face of humanity. Disabled folk are not looked after. People not wear their mask out of selfish reasons. In italy disabled people were thrown under the bus as they did not get treatment when they were sick of covid. They were given automatic dnr orders in a lot of countries as they were deemed unworthy.

This is the true face of humanity. yes, this is an uncozy message, but those that think that nazism was a lonely thing that never could again come back, look at Trump and the pandemic and know that it is very much alive still… the sentiment behind it all. people are selfish beings, only looking after themselves,not about the greater good and if you know this, and take that into concideration, it is very easy to do different. Look at the storm of the capitol in America and how easy they all got off with it. If you don’t see this as historically significant, I don’t know what will. I am not a very optimistic person. I see the future as very, very bleak. I suffer from depression as I see the world spiraling into blackness and even graver things. To be honest, I don’t see humanity surviving 2050.

But it doesn’t have to be. I am a stoic. I try to not be ruled by my emotions, eventhough I am depressed most of the time. I try to be a more compassionate person towards others, and It is actually very easy to become a person with compassion, to look after fellow human beings, to wear your mask, offer help if you see someone struggling, even if they don’t take it. When I go to work, I try to do one good thing a day. One thing, over a week is 5 things, over a month is 16 things, over a lifetime is a lot.
And I don’t expect anything back from that person, as I will get paid in other ways… through another person, when I need it the most.

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