The Queen of Cozy

She did not ask me to write this, this is my personal opinion, as usual. Because I don’t know if I could use the graphic she uses for the stream, I have chosen a different image.

I was the occasional viewer of streams on Twitch. I love gaming (obviously), but I never understood why Twitch streamers got such a huge following and regulars watching their streams.

I went through a rough patch a few months ago (which still hasn’t completely passed) and this stream has helped me a lot, but I might give you some context before we dive in deeper.

I am transgender. I came to the conclusion that I am trans after reviewing my personal history of wearing skirts and trying one on again when my ex-girlfriend was at her parents to puppy sit, like she did so often, but this time I didn’t go with her. I did research on transgender people, as I first thought this was just a fetish and I came accross this trans girl called Stef Sanjati. She had beautiful eyes and was a pleasure to watch on her Youtube channel. She explained everything very clearly and I loved (and still do) her make-up tutorials, but then she stopped making videos. I thought I had lost a source of inspiration, but I had started following her on twitter. There she tweeted that she was streaming on twitch, this is how I came to watch her.

I was a Twitch noob. I had watched a few streams, but never for long, and never really interacted with a streamer before. This stream is different though. Stef calls herself the queen of cozy, and this title isn’t an exaggeration. When you enter the stream, early or mid-stream and she picks up on you being there (it can be quite busy so sometimes she misses new people, but not often), she will greet you personally, and a regular like me, she will remember your name, like in my case, she knows my preffered name is Moira, so she calls me Moira.

She has a lot of regulars returning every. single. stream, and although we go there for the gameplay, the gameplay is just a means to an end. We are there for eachother. Have a problem? Share it in the chat and people will cheer you on or try to help you. Had a bad day? Share it and you will get your support and even stef will comment on it, not only on stream, it goes further than that, because the community is bigger than only on stream. She created her own little discord community out of the regulars on stream and invites you over, to be part of the cozy family so you can talk and chat and just have plain fun and make new friends, and that is what makes her so special.

I also love her philosophy in gaming. She loves to play all kinds of games and since I have started following her she has played House flipper. She completed the hell out of Mass Effect. She screamed her way through Alien: Isolation. She makes awesome, creative builds in The sims 4 and now she is playing Assassins creed: Valhalla.

Her philosophy and she has taught me so far is that every way of gaming is valuable. She is a completionist herself, but you have to enjoy the journey, not the result. I am a try-hard and will research and find the “best” way to play the game, and make the mistake of sometimes suggesting that there is a better way or “the best” way to play the game, but then she tells me that there is no best way. It is about the journey, and that is something I am learning still. That is why I follow her on stream, while I play the game myself, so I try to emulate her playstyle of Valhalla and enjoy the journey more, otherwise I would rush from objective to objective and not take in the scenery or the lore and finish the game is less time than it actually deserves.

You come to her streams for the games, but you stay for the community and this post is about her and about the community. I have made, what I feel, so many friends already and I am a regular in her discord group and on stream. If you watch the vods she will talk about Reyn or Moira sometimes, that is me. What I also love is how she will play together with her boyfriend and tech-wiz Travis and regularly is visited by Miss Ma’am, her mixed-breed dog, which then is worshipped with Ma’am spam, this is a salute/tribute to the ma’am, via text chat, where community members then spam dog emoticons or share little songs or texts in between the emoticons.

I have lost my heart to this streamer-girl and stan her (also: the community comes with their own words like Scaq and Skeer (both mean to be scared) and this is such a cozy and fun stream to watch. The genuine emotion that she portrays during the streams are awesome. Below I will share a couple of my favourite clips from her stream so you get the vibe and I urge you to come visit her during her streaming hours.

This feels like a commercial for her stream, but I would never endorse someone or praise someone so high if I didn’t believe anything I have written so far to be 100 percent what I believe. (I also, when the autism topic comes up, talk about Amythest Schaber’s youtube series “ask an autistic”, which I also praise very, very, very highly).

Her discord server is here if you want to join. Want to say hi on twitter, like I do? You can do so here. Fancy instagram instead? She got you covered. Want to watch her old videos on youtube about trans and make-up and such? You can do so here. And her upcoming gaming channel is here.

If you want to become a regular like me and want to watch her live and become part of the cozy campfire family? You can come here mo-thu starting from 10 pm cet.

Here are some highlights from her alien: Isolation stream:

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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