The maker revolution

I love that I live in this age and time (although I am most of the time suicidal (but for different reasons). I love that people are making and creating and coding is becoming more and more mainstream in this dystopian cyberpunk age. I am glad that I will become a part of this revolution, although only a small step.

This article was inspired by the picture I saw and that is above this article. The one with Jobs and Gates during the 1980’s.

I love how both of them are now lauded as visionaries, but one of them actually stopped a computer revolution happening much sooner. Gates, the gatekeeper.

Gates was the one that wrote a letter to the homebrew computer club and disbanded it. The homebrew computer club was a club of likeminded geeks that took apart techonology to see how it worked and to improve upon it, the same as now is happening with the maker culture behind the raspberry pi and the arduino and other boards.

This maker revolution could have happend almost 4 decades sooner, if Gates didn’t feel the need to play gatekeeper.

I am angry at those that are gatekeepers to those that are more intelligent and are willing to go the extra mile to learn. Look at how Leonardo Da Vinci’s curiousity was shutdown when he was looking into anatomy. Look at history and you will find countless others that were on their way to a major breakthrough only to have it discovered decennia or in some cases even centuries later.

I Love that the maker revolution is happening and can’t be stopped anymore. This will only make it better for future generations to take the power to learn and curiousity in their own hands, without gatekeepers.

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