The hunger games

To write this article, I did something I said I never would do. I read the hunger games. I have watched the first movie and only the first movie, so I sacrificed myself there, out of curiousity.

To put my body towards science, and me having to be right, I have read the first of the three hunger games. I don’t need to suffer more than necessary, but I want to be able to discuss this with Hunger Games fans, without getting the argument: “you probably didn’t read the book” bringing the argument to a halt.

I gave it a fair try, but even in the first chapter, there are already things that just… ugh… You have to know that it is a dystopian novel, in which the poor are supposed to be dirt poor and the rich use the poor for their entertainment in the so called hunger games, where the winner that defeats and kills the other forced participants gets a more cushy life than they are used to.

Catniss, thanks to the system of being able to buy yourself more chances of being picked has 20 times her name into the raffle. (I know SPOILER ALERT). In the first chapter it is mentioned that there are thousands of name slips in there. I actually took a calculator. If there are only 1000 slips in there, the chance of her name being picked is 2 percent. 2 percent is nothing. Her sister, whom only has one slip in the 1000 (although in the book it’s mentioned 1000’s, so more than one 1000), so the chance of her being pulled out of the hat, is 0,001, in my case now. And still, her name is pulled, so Catniss can jump in and save the day, by volunteering in her sister’s place.

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