The Division 2: Warlords of New York expansion

Welcome back, Agent. We return back to New York to finally finish of Keener.

After the events of Washington DC, in this expansion, we finally get to meet the rogue agent that has been pulling the strings together with his elite squad that has run the whole operation with him. Apperantly he was in New York the whole time.

The fun thing about the expansion is that you get to have a whole new play area to walk around into and play around in, with the updated factions from the division one that have gotten new toys to play with.

Also: you have to do manhunt missions to retrieve information about each of Keener’s crew, before you get to take them on themselves. Each of them has their own specialty and feels really different from other bosses. They are challenging and fun to go up against.

Keener himself is a whole other matter. He was a division agent, so he knows your tactics and gladly uses them against you. I tried it alone and it just didn’t work. I need to create a better build.

This brings me smoothly into my second point. Builds are now easier than ever to assemble thanks to the calibration library. Now with the new update, that came together with warlords of new york, you can store abilities from gear into a calibration library, so you can recalibrate them onto new gear.

It is split into 30/40 (for those that have the new york expansion, and those that do not).

Also, it is much easier to see if you have a god roll or not, as it will light up orange on the item in the menu. Also: max ranges are visible in the calibration library, and you can easily see, indicated by a white arrow, if you have better gear or the one you have on you now is better.

I, personally, love this system. It makes it much more rewarding to go out and loot and collect the pieces I need and knowing that I have something useful or not, in the blink of an eye, thanks to these extra’s they included.

Ubisoft and Massive have a great franchise in their hands, and I am curious how this one is going to develop in the future.

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