the antics of Judith Newman

Apparantly owning up to her mistake and admitting she was wrong is to much to ask.

As I have said, I have tried to contact her and she blew me off the moment she knew I was autistic. Telling me she was to busy with it all. She was to busy with writing. Well, apparantly she was not.

Evidence has surfaced that mademoiselle has been busy getting her book “verified purchase” only on Amazon, thanks to reaching out to someone she knows inside Amazon.

Also, a review by Ron Suskind, the writer of “Life, animated” about his own autistic son has written a review that praises the book (not surprisingly as he is mentioned in said book, so his review can’t be trustworthy to say the least).

Also: If you have written a review on Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes and Nobles, it could very well be that it is reported by now. Judith has recruited a task force from her followers to downvote and attack any negative review (even if it is full of details), they will say it was a coordinated attack to bring her book down. While her book is very gutwrenching and full of details any autistic doesn’t want to read about himself online, let alone is a book.

Also, apparantly (I have this from a good source)  one of her tactics is yelling that she has had a death threat (while this is not true).


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