The adjustment bureau: A sequel?

I was just watching the movie “the adjustment bureau” and I had to re-listen to a part a couple of times, because I couldn’t believe that no one even bothered with it. It isn’t even mentioned in the Trivia section of IMDB and my brief websearch got me nothing, but here goes.

The adjustment bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, a very good movie from 2011, allegedly based on “adjustment team” by Philip K. Dick, is actually a sequel, thanks to a throw-away line at the beginning of the movie. For those who have not seen it: SPOILER ALERT.

At 24:49 the different sections of the adjustment bureau are discussing what they are going to do with David. The legal department denies their use of a “briefcase”, and remarks that 40 years ago, there was a case with “the tourist” with whom they leveled. Basically, this means that they just let him go, and asked him not to talk to anyone, if you have read the “adjustment team” story (linked above) you see that this is the ending of the short story by Philip K. Dick. So this makes it a sequel to that story, because this deals with a whole different case.

I loved that little tidbit. That little throwaway line, that small couch-and-you-miss it moment, but so significant.

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