Thank you, Johnny Lee Miller.

I know I probably have to thank the writers as well.  I will give you the reason why I love, in a platonisch way, this marvelous British actor.

I was fascinated by computers and Hacking in my teens, although never learned to do so myself. I obviously watched the movie Hackers. I saw a young blonde guy meet a bunch of outsiders and have fun. He also hooked up with the beautiful Angelina Jolie in the movie and off the set. I loved it. Every minute of it.

I spotted him, while browsing what dvd to buy, on the cover of trainspotting. Seemed interesting. Also a movie about outsiders, but this time bonded by drugs.

I lost sight of him, but after, for me, a rough break-up with my Dutch girlfriend I started to look for ways to keep my thoughts distracted. I loved the mentalist, had devoured all seasons up until then, had watched Sherlock , when it was recommended to me as something similar. Elementary was still new at the time. The first season was just completed. And I was curious. I knew it was about Sherlock, my new special interest. I went to IMDB to read about the cast. In a later article I will elaborate why I do this.

But I saw famous and recognizable faces. Aidan Quinn, i knew him from one of my favourite Depp movies, named Benny and Joon, where Aidan played Benny, the brother of a mentally-ill sister called Joon.

I saw Lucy Liu, the asian belle, whom played a princess in Shanghai Noon and one of Charlie’s titular angels.

At the top I saw, Mr. Miller. I must confess that I downloaded the series, as it wasn’t available in my country yet (I own them now on dvd), an I devoured the series. I loved the emotional ending. I cried, which I not often do. It still gets me.

But I loved how Mr. Miller played Sherlock. I know the writers contributed to it as well, but it is Mr. Miller’s performance and mannerisms that bring the character to life. Even when I,read the books tied in with the series, written by Adam Christopher, I still see Miller’s mannerisms portraid.

After rewatching the series, I started to notice how much I behaved like him. Having oddball hobbies and pasttimes. Being interested in nearly everything and hate having my time wasted with trivialities.

my penny dropped, or in this case I might say, half dollar, after I watched a talk by Tony Attwood, researcher on autism, and writer of the complete guide on asperger syndrome, which I have read before in my search for me, that Sherlock isn’t a sociopath but autistic. So, after reading half a dozen books on sociopaths, I found that I also wasn’t a sociopath as they say in Sherlock, but never mentioned in Elementary, but every trait I found was one from the autism spectrum.

So, for me, the game was afoot.

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