Teriya Chapter 1

It was a quiet summer day. Children playing outside. The smell of barbeque filled the air. Dad who cooked the meat. Mom who prepared the vegetables. Molly playing on the trampoline. Everything was awesome. I was behind my desk as usual. My computer. It had drawn me in again. Everything was tuned out. Apparantly my mom had called me to help a few times, but had given up. She told me later. She was crying when she told me. Asking why I had done, what I had done. What they had told her I had done. She didn’t believe them at first.

My computer has been my life and my friend the past few years. I was to sick to go to school and my mom had gotten me this computer, cheap from a friend, so I at least could follow school, from my bedroom. I was a pale small kid and constantly picked on, so I was glad that I could stay at home. I learned quick. I learned to program thanks to what I found online and had gotten into a community for programmers. They learned me all kinds of tricks. I had gotten this old machine up to 25 procent faster than it was supposed to go. Even though it was an old machine, it still worked flawlessly. The only thing that bothered me, was that the cd drive wasn’t working properly. Sometimes it took my cd’s, at other times it spit them back out. Great if you wanted to play a game. Now it didn’t do it at all anymore. So no more gaming.

This is when I started programming more and more. I started making text-based adventures from the books I had lying around. The three musketeers where you could make your own musketeer to take on an adventure. 20 000 miles under the sea where Captain Nemo flew an airplane, that kind of crazy things.

I heard the dog bark. It wasn’t at all unusual that Daffy barked. Daffy barked at anything. Daffy was my german shepherd. I had gotten him when I was  4 years old on christmas day. I came  downstairs. My eyes still half-closed from sleeping. I saw my present. A big box that seemed to move on it’s own. I lifted the lid and saw this German Shepherd puppy staring up at me. I picked him up. His eyes staring in mine. “Are you going to be my friend?” As an answer he licked my face. I took that as a “yes”. When I used to go to school, he walked with me to the busstop and got back home on his own. Smart dog.

I heard him barking again. I was at the computer. My mom, dad and sister Molly where at the back. The barking came from the front. I heard a gunshot and then no barking anymore. I stayed at the computer. I kept typing. I didn’t know my dog had died. I heard my dad cursing. My mom rushing to the front. My dad running after her. I didn’t know where my sister was, as I didn’t hear her. I heard the front door crack. Yelling. I didn’t know where my parents where this time, but I heard boots on the stairs. A few seconds later I had guns pointed at me. I was 12.

A few months later, my mom and dad divorced. My sister was living with my dad. I was imprisoned. A virus I had written had infected a few thousand computers thanks to a bug in how the operating system stored certain things in memory. Not so complicated. I didn’t know that much computers still worked on that kind of processor as it had been stopped being manufactured some years ago. Apparantly, a few hundred were government. My parents were fined and I was imprisoned. Juvinile delinquent. I was put into a sort of prison for guys like me. Some had commited murder. I had destroyed a few dozen hard drives with a few lines of code. Apparantly my lines of code were as grave as having stolen and beaten an old lady so you could go and buy a bottle of liquor. I heard the sentence a guy got and what he was in for. 10 years, I had gotten. 10 years of my life away. 10 fucking years.

Now I’m free again. Waiting for mom to pick me up.

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