Steep X-games pass

“Never change a winning combination”.

I don’t know who said it but he must have been right, and Ubisoft is living it’s philosophy to the fullest. As we see with the constant stream of content added to Rainbow six Siege and the constant new content we get in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, like in it’s predecessor Assassin’s Creed Origins that delivered a constant stream of free challenges.

Steep also has it’s version of these free challenges, but once in a while it gets a new upgrade in the form of a gamespass that adds new content for those that want it, those that really appreciate the game and are willing to spend money on it.

The x-games pass delivers. More of the same content you love. X-games adds more challenges to for example the rocketwing, which in 2019 gets more challenges for those that love to fly fast and crash heavy (and often).

The pass also gives a filter to play the game like it’s the 90’s all over again and everything was better in the 90’s, so I will love that filter. This dlc is coming at the end of november and it will include next to the filter also more tricks and 90’s music.

You also get access to the x-games dlc when you buy the pass and one week early access to the dlc in game.

Steep is a game that is different from other games, and this is the fun in it. There is a competitive element, but you can just as easily play just for the fun of it, or to explore the mountains. How you play is up to you, nothing is set in stone.

Also the realism of the snow and the crashes makes this a game of high risk, high reward. Yes, you can try to pull of a nice trick and score a lot of points, or fly in between the two rocks with your rocketwings or wingsuit, but once you hit it, you are ko and you can start your run over, or in case of snowboard you are ko and roll of the mountain until you are concious again. Not like in other games, where you get a massive hit and just brush it off, this to me is the beauty of this game.

Also, Steep has the most realistic snow effects I have seen in any game.

If you haven’t given Steep a go yet, this x-games pass gives you all the reasons to, it is also included in a gold-bundle with the previous dlc’s of the game.

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