Special interest

A special interests a wonderful thing. When the world overwhelms me, i can always settle in a couch with a good book and start reading about the things that interest me. Now it’s electronics and programming, it used to be mentalism and magic. I still enjoy magic and mentalism, but it doesn’t have my undivided attention anymore.

but… what if you have no way to get information about your special interest?

I have the luck that i have the internet now so I can usually find a way to get to information about my special interest, but what if I have a magic effect that is on my mind? When it was on my mind, and I had no money to buy it, I would think about it, and try to work it out. Remember that intch… the one you just can’t scratch… the one that just doesn’t want to go away… that one. Well, that’s how it feels. It keeps nagging, keeps pulling your concentration away from the things that matter right now.

it’s the same when i feel overwhelmed. To calm myself down or to make myself more comfortable, i start to do things that are linked with my special interest, and i can tell you that it’s awfully difficult to stop doing it and get back to work, because i will feel like i have no energy left. As long as i keep doing the thing then with my special interest i feel good… if i stop, it feels like they pull away your batteries and you feel drained again.

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