Sherlock Season 5: Will we see it?

To be blunt, I hope we don’t.

There will be spoilers after this sentence, so if you haven’t watched the final episode of season 4, stop reading HERE.


I finished watching season 4 today. I recorded it and waited for the best moment to watch it. I was home alone today, so I took my seat and started watching.

I must say that at certain points in the final episode, I couldn’t stop myself from jumping around, especially when Jim Moriarty showed up. I made a prediction during the second episode of season 4 that Euros was behind Moriarty, and in my head I had an elaborate theory on how he could have died, and actually, he could still be alive. I might post my theory in a later blog post.

Euros might have instructed Jim Moriarty in how to play with her little brother, as he only seemed interested in him. How he planned only things for him, as he is a conculting criminal, as he said in episode 1.

Well, if we are speculating, why not type the theory here:

What if:

Euros had contacts with Culverton Smith, whom could have supplied her with a bodie that matched Jim Moriarty, like Molly Hooper did for Sherlock. Culverton gave her the note his daughter had written, and Euros touched it up a bit, as she said herself “she added a few deductions of her own”.

Mycroft told us that everybody that went with her could be made into a slave, thanks to a sort of verbal hypnosis. We already saw that she could slip in and out of prison at some point, so it isn’t all that remarkable that she could help Moriarty with his ploys, playing Moriarty. Helping him break into the bank, the prison and access the crown jewels, as they met before Sherlock met Moriarty.

Euros could’ve orchestrated the whole game with Sherlock from the very beginning, playing in his hands the cases that he would think were interesting, orchestrating every case he solved up to that point.  She knew her little brother inside and out, so it seems, and he had no knowledge of her.

I have been right before. When everybody was talking about JohnLock I was arguing that the woman was still alive and that she and sherlock were in love, which was confirmed in the fourth season.

Why couldn’t the above theory be true as well.


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