Session 1: Goblins! Goblins everywhere!

The old man, snoring in the corner wakes up promptly from his nightmare screaming “Goblins! Goblins everywhere!” He looks around confused and sees you looking at him. He beckons you over.

To be honest, the session 1 started of rough, by one of my players, playing Kaida, took over nicely roleplaying where it was rough and made what could have been a disastrous session, into something wholesome. She brought the band together and made it so I could improvise properly, as I had already made the maps and such.

Yes, I made mistakes. Yes, I fucked up here and there. To be honest the further we got into the adventure (I am running a modified version of mines of phandelver) it went smoothly. They defeated goblins, which was awesome as Nowhere cast a laughing spell on one of the goblins, which ensnared them and made them roll on the floor laughing out loud, which btw was sooo fun to voice act, also another goblin was made into rinsed meat and another might have lost a limb or 3-4, and now, at the end of the session, Soosh Greenfire, our Dragonborn Fighter, got caught in a net and the crew got ambushed by goblins once again while escorting a wagon of supplies to be delivered in Phandalin.

I loved how cooperative my players are and how easy roll20 is to figure out. How I play dnd during a pandemic is like this: I have set up a discord server where everybody communicates and is very cozy during times when we are not playing. We use it to voice chat during the game and we use roll20 to control the game. I make the maps, or load in pre-existing maps, and the players get a chance to roll the virtual dice and control their custom tokens. I have all my things digitally. I make my campaign notes in Scrivener, as it is an awesome tool for this sort of thing as you can put in anything you need. I highly recommend scrivener for the gm’s that haven’t concidered it before for keeping their notes secure and organized.

The hardest part for sure was getting them all together in the market place of my made up city, Bruckheim, and gave them a reason to be there. I didn’t want to do the standard “they met in a tavern”-trope, and tried to be original, but my DM skills weren’t up to par yet. Might try this again in another campaign. A player of my group suggested starting in the middle of a fight in another campaign and work back from there, which I will certainly try another time.

Will they make it to Phandalin in session 2? Which will be on valentine’s day. Will there be roses or cherubs? Kissing people? Dragonborn? Snogging Dwarves, maybe. Maybe Dwarves and Elves…. who knows how creative they can be with axes and bows…

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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