Session 0: The formation of the fellowship

.”Ah, yes, come closer. Come Closer. Let me tell you the story of how It call came to be.” the old man said. In the corner of the inn, where he always had his ale and was now smoking a pipe, he beckoned you over after you were listening to his ramblings from afar.

The Group came together through the discord community linked to Stef Sanjati’s streams. A community full of people from different backgrounds and the idea was put forward to start dnd groups. They were looking for DM’s and nobody stepped forward, so I offered to DM, although I have zero experience in DM’ing and only played like one session in 2012.
To be honest, the session started roughly as, what I felt, everybody was a bit shy and the technology didn’t seem to work, but after we got a speech channel on discord, everything went more smoothly from there. We got chatting and we started creating our characters in Roll20, which for most of us, went rather smoothly, but the most hilarious thing was yet to come!

The created characters were introduced and in true Roleplaying fashion (from what I’ve heard) the hilarity started… even in our session 0, which I could never have predicted! Ever! I’m not that good of a mentalist.

We have a minotaur in our group who washes ashore in the world I created, at the docks of the city I created, and on his horns he has a fish impaled as well as a cute little octopi that is clutching for its dear life. Off course, the player of the minotaur, Deus, gave it a name and the group decided to keep it. I don’t know anymore who came up with the octopi, although one clutching a horn is hilarity in and off itself. it is called Cuddles.
This wasn’t the only hilarious thing. G’nome shots.

G’nome shots are not little potshots gnomes take towards larger creatures, nor is it a kind of spell… No! Far more stranger than that, my friendly reader!

G’nome (spelled that way because in dutch I pronounce it Gnome, as you see the letters, not nome as the G should be silent) so my players ran with it and after I expressed the idea of a gnome having a coffee shop and having a tiny bar, they offered the idea of having thimble sized coffee, which is really strong, and they baptized it G’nome shots.

G’nome shots (a label with a cherub like Gnome with a bow shooting electric bolts) keep you awake for 2 days and nights after which you have to roll. You start with a D20 and if you roll over 10 you have no ill effect, otherwise you sleep 2 days + 1 for every g’nome shot you took, if you succeed the next 2 days (if you decide to drink another g’nome shot, you have to go one die lower than D20, so D12 and you have to roll over DC 10), with a D8 rolling over D10 becomes impossible so you sleep 5 days maximum.

This concludes the session zero as a recap of the most significant events. Session 1 seems like it will be a very pleasant experience, and I might have some suprises planned.

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