sea of thieves: why it is such a good game

I have been watching a lot of videos about sea of thieves and other games and I finally could form a thought on why sea of thieves, although it lacks in content, is such a good game, because it lacks in content.

I play other games as well, don’t get me wrong. I play Far Cry 4 at the moment. Tekken 7. Pubg. Call of Duty: WW2. All of these games have in common that they give you a lot to work with and they have a steep lurning curve; For Tekken 7, for example, you need to master a given character, button bashing won’t work. They have added easier to play with characters, but still, if you want to win to someone seasoned, you will have to practice, a lot.

Without watching channels like “thexclusive ace” and “Prestigeiskey” on youtube, I wouldn’t even be near master prestige like I am today. Without watching countless hours of youtube and really learning how to survive in Pubg, I wouldn’t be near as good as I was today, I wouldn’t even have won my own chicken dinner.

In sea of thieves, you can pick up everything there is to know, within a few minutes of playing the game. The sailing might be a bit tricky at first (it took me 8 boats to dock somewhat decent) and it took a friend to tell me that you can adjust the sails to set them to a certain direction so it catches the wind better, but further from that, everything is intuitive.

If I wasn’t already playing Tekken (starting on arcade) when I was 6, starting Tekken today would be overwhelming. If I didn’t have the drive to research as I have, I wouldn’t have been able to get almost concistently 3-5 kills in Pubg (not really earthshattering, but I think it counts).

Sea of thieves is great for all ages, and still is great 3 months after it’s release, when they now promised to add weekly content, between big adventures. The fun thing about sea of thieves is no story shoved in your face. You can go look for the story, but it isn’t shoved in your face with half-an-hour videos between each mission, like in Metal Gear Solid, although graphically and control wise it is a perfect game, but without my rilatin, it would be near impossible for me to play a single mission because of the conveluted videos. I love how they did it in Splinter Cell Conviction (there the videos were projected on walls but you had something to do in the meantime), you still got the story, but you were free to move in between.

This is what makes a game neurodiversity friendly. Controls have to be good and accessible so somebody like RockyNoHands can play even with his mouth, and games have to be friendly for neurodiversity as well so the videos aren’t to long, so kids with (un)diagnosed adhd can still sit still long enough to play.

I must confess that when I need to travel long distances in sea of thieves, I get bored too, but then I start to think about the stories I am going to write about my adventures on the “Seasick Raven” as Awake Willy (my pirate alter-ego) and I have something to do, or I just check twitter and hope I don’t crash on some rocks.

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