Sea of thieves, a review

Raise the acher, Drop the sails. We are going to sail out in Sea of thieves.

I have played extensively now, and now when the big news has dropped, I feel it is time to review it here.

I have reviewed it previously on a friends website in dutch, but I feel that it needs a more thorough review.

I have sailed the seven seas a couple of times, and to be honest, it is most fun when you have a partner in crime. In my case it is mostly my girlfriend, as I find the sloop the best ship to sail with, as it is fast and most moveable. The galeon is slow although very powerful, especially if you have a full crew.

What annoys me though is that other players will grief you and keep killing you, eventhough you have no more loot. It is really a study in psychology to see how far players will go to bully other players.

I know it is a thieves game, it is meant as a part that you steal loot from other players, but I tend not to. I don’t think it is fun to steal from other players and sink their ships without a purpose, and I don’t like it when it is done to me, or when they steal my loot.

Although I am prone to taking revenge when they steal my loot though.

What I think is most fun is while doing a voyage is that you can find free loot (in the form of chests, skulls, crates or messages in a bottle amongst some.)

The messages in a bottle are most fun, because you get a free voyage and a free change to dig up treasure, which I like most in the game. I like the thrill of sailing to an island, finding the treasure or solving the riddle and digging up that chest. Although defeating a pirate skeleton or catching chickens might be easier to get paid, but I like the thrill of finding that treasure.

Now in may they are going to add the first Dlc update, completely free for all players I might add, no season passes in this game. In this a new AI threat next to the kraken (which is a pain in the ass, although he doens’t attack sloops), and they promised weekly events, and more costumisation items next to new game tactics.

The game to many now seems repetitive and lacks content, but as is promised now, it goes to bring more and more into the game.

What I like most is the direct contact with the developers and the fact that they really listen to their gamer base, which is great to see after what happened with EA and Battlefront 2 and we see now happening in COD WW2, which still is redeeming itself.

I love the fresh wind of no lootboxes that you can buy (as of yet, I hope they don’t bring it in later in the game cycle) and no season passes. Finally a game you pay a set amount and you get more and more content in its lifecycle. I love it.

Great work, Rare.

For me it’s a 8/10.

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