School shootings: Adhd is the problem

This blog is a commentary on a message the NRA shot onto society. Not guns are the blame for the schoolshootings, but Ritalin. The massive intake of ritalin by students that need them is to blame for the happening of those schoolshootings.

I am an adhd’er. I was diagnosed last year, together with being autistic. I have lived thus far 29 years without adhd meds. I live in a country where guns are not freely available. I have been held back by teachers. I have been discriminated by teachers. I have had my privacy hurt by teachers. I have been bullied by students. I have been physically attacked by students. Never in my whole school career have I thought of blowing up my school or shooting my fellow students. I have thought of striking back when they attacked me. Off course, but never more than that. Ever. I could’ve easily found a tutorial for a bomb online. I could give you a book right now, in pdf form, that teaches you how to make them. I know of this, but never have I put it into practice. So the abscence of Ritalin is not the case. Now that I take ritalin have I ever thought of dealing with injustice in my country by blowing up a building? By committing a terrorist attack? Nope. Never. This eventhough I am a victim of said injustice.

Plain and simple: Guns and the ease in which they are available are to blame. Parents even gift them to their kids, which in turn they use them to shoot up a school, some even because they happen to not like mondays.

This article first featured a tweet by a medical professional that I since deleted due to constructive commentary.



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