Rocksmith (or how I dusted off my guitar)

Back in the olden times (when Rocksmith first released in 2011), I bought my first electric guitar, so I could play the game. The thing cost me 100 euro and it came with an amplifier so I could rock out. (If only I could play).

Rocksmith helped me achieve part of that dream. I played for hours and hours and hours and could play the riff of “I can’t get no (satisfaction)” by the rolling stones rather concistently.

Several computers and another OS later, I rediscovered my steam library, and although a lot of games weren’t playable due to the switch of OS I had made in the meantime, Rocksmith 2014 was still playable (it even got a remastered update while I was gone from it for FREE, thank you Ubisoft).

Now the last few days I have been playing again and having so much fun. I am still not very good at playing the guitar (I shy away from chords). The feel of playing the guitar is back and I love it.

Rocksmith is the ideal way to learn to play the guitar if you have no tutor, or like me no money for a tutor and no patience for one either. I can not read a note of music, but at least I now can play a few songs (almost).

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