Review: WWE 2K22

One. Two. Ooooh! He goes on the top rope for a high risk manoeuver.

I love when companies redeem themselves and again deliver a product that the fans love. Not me, this is my first entry in the series, to be honest. I have been playing wrestling games since the 90’s and this is my first really modern 2020 game, as I totally skipped over the 2010’s qua anything wrestling, so it was fun to pick one up again, and yes, it did deliver.

It was hard not to see the disaster that was WWE 2K20, and i’m glad they just now put out a new game, so they had time to polish the gameplay and iron out all of the bugs, as I enjoyed every second of the gameplay.

I must admit that the online servers weren’t up to par when I tried it with a friend of mine, but offline everything was smooth as butter. The things I can nitpick about are just that, nitpickings. Once you an opponent starts bashing on you, it’s hard to counter what they are doing, as it’s glorified rock-paper-scissors to counter their moves, and you are locked in while they are doing their moves, and it’s not always clear when you can counter and when you can not. Reversals are blink and you miss it, so for me it was hugely spamming the reversal button on my controller until it took and I was back doing what I was supposed to do.

Most of my time, I spent in the MyRise mode, the rise of your own created star. It gives you very, very fun moments and very fun matches to play. My star switched companies and got a belt in one of their matches, so I’m happy. I got to fight stars and knock them to the apron. It got me back to watching WWE as well, which I hadn’t done in a few decades, and it let me enjoy old moments again, old matches I used to watch when I was 12.

The campaign centered around Rey Mysterio Junior is what has to sell the game, primarily, and which I really really love. Although you have to do objectives to progress the match, which can be really tedious, it’s an enjoyable experience overall. What really impressed me is once you get the tedious combination down, it seemlessly switches over to historical footage of the match you are replaying, and that is so fun to watch. I have been playing on the never Xbox Series console and it was really hard to see when it switched from game footage in that campaign and when it was back to gameplay.

The sad thing is that outside that mode, that some characters, especially the women, are of poorer quality than the men. Their facial features really lack compared to the men.

If you like wrestling, would I recommend this game? Absolutely. Although 2k20 was a disaster that the gamingworld laughed hard with, this itteration redeemed itself completely and is a safe buy for anyone that enjoys a good wrestsling match.

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