Review: We happy few plus lightbearer DLC

Take your Joy Pill and follow me through this trippy, dystopian adventure. Don’t forget to smash your rat…uhm.. pinata.

What if 1984 and Brave New World and fahrenheit 451 had a love baby? You get We happy few.

I already mentioned the Joy pills that feature in the game and are the catalisator of the start of the adventure for Arthur, one of the three protagonists of the game. He refuses to take his joy, which changes his perception back to normal, back to being a “downer” as they are called here.

Downers are those that don’t take happy pills and see the reality of the situation. Pinata’s (spoiler) are dead rats and not pinatas filled with candy. Although the enviroments are colourful, some things can be pretty disturbing, but the game is a Joy, to play. No pills needed.

The lightbearer DLC adds Memento and the beatles together with a seasoning of Philip K Dick (why has he got to be in almost everything) together with a pinch of Jack the Ripper and I think this best describes what you are in for. Where Arthur and the other protagonists of the main adventure are not to happy with taking Joy Pills, Nick Lightbearer, the beatle-austin Powers protagonist of the DLC, is all to happy to take any pill and booze that he can get his hands on, as they give him specific buffs.

What I like is the aesthetic of the DLC and how you defeat and subdue your adoring fans with your guitar riffs.

Guitar riffs blasting fights

I don’t think there will ever be a game like this one that brings its own flavour of dystopian stories to the mix.

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