Review: Warhammer Underworlds: Morgok’s Krushas

This is a warband review and is a supplement to the warhammer beastgrave starter set

The Krushas warband are 3 heavy fighters and come together on a deep green sprue. Some assembly is required and might not be suitable for people that have difficulty with small parts. I have some difficulty but managed to assemble these nicely. They click nicely together, although some glue might be usefull.

They are a small warband but they make up for it in brute force. They have a movement of 3 each, but when inspired they get a movement of 4. They all have 5 wounds which makes them very difficult to deal with. They are a force to be reckoned with on the playing field. They are pure aggro and live to kill the opponent.

If you love to play an aggro warband, this one is for you, as it doesn’t need much micro managing except for whaaagh counters, which are special to this warband. They need whaaagh counters to inspire. Whaaagh counters are earned by making an attack action during your activation.

For a more in depth review of the warband, I recommend Can you roll Critt.

My summary is this: if you are looking for a powerfull, low maintenance group of brute forces, this is a warband for you.

For sample decks, I refer you to underworlds-deckers

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