Review: Trials Rising

Trials Rising Launch Trailer

What do you do when you fall down? You get up again and try some more. That seems to be the message of the Trials franchise.

When you start up Trials Rising and see the map, you notice the big difference between Trials Fusion and Trials Rising: No more linear. You can choose the tracks you want to ride and after you have completed a certain goal, you unlock and arena race, which concists of 3 elimination races.

What I loved about Trials fusion is the variety of tracks and they have upped their game in this installation. The variety is back, and how. You will fly with you bike on a Hollywood Sci-fi epic set, ride up the wall in China, disappear in the undergrounds of Bucharest and deface the Eiffel Tower in France with tiretracks (and maybe a bit of blood from crashing).

The game also has a tutorial mode which was talked about at E3, but it is nice to see concepts being taught in easy to learn chunks and seeing them used in tracks later on, thus preparing you for the challenge ahead.

I have read reviews of Trials before writing this one, and in one, I read that Trials Risin feels grindy. To be honest, I am now at level 43, and haven’t have to grind once. It might be that you need to grind, if you have to much silver runs, but if you focus on getting only gold runs, your levels will go up fast enough and you will unlock everything on time. I must confess that I have a few silver tracks, maybe a few bronze too, but most of them are gold and I can progress without having to grind to progress, so I don’t know where that reviewer thought it was to grindy.

I love the fact that you can customize your rider and bike (as you could in the previous game) but it adds a certain variety. Now you can customize your bike with stickers and paints, together with everything your character can wear.

You can share your creations and earn money, like you can in Forza Horizon. It is fun to see your creativity boosted this way, so that other people can appreciate your creations.

The only thing that I don’t like is the lootbox system. Not the lootboxes persé, as they are only cosmetic, but the fact that so many duplicates are amongst them. I have earned my fair lot of them (1 for every level you go up) and had lots, and I mean lots of duplicates. It would be fun to see here an update so we don’t get duplicates anymore.

I can’t speak for the online mode, as I have only played 1 match since the game was released, but it seemed to work fine. Challenging but fun.

If you loved Trials Fusion, you will love Trials Rising as it is only more of the same. Lots more.

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