Review: The sims 4: Star Wars: the journey to Batuu

I don’t know why they haven’t thought of this before in the long lifespan of the sims to incorporate movie franchises into the expansive world that is the sims. It seems tailor made for it and it adds a lot of flavour.

The new star wars pack: Journey to Batuu is no exception. You get a lot of options to create your own sim, including alien star wars races and enough clothing options.

The game pack itself plays a lot like Strangerville and encompasses a journey you have to follow and missions you have to complete. It plays like a mini-story/campaign in a sims/star wars world, and is super fun to play. I have spent hours in the sims world just to see the other sims, collect all the scans I could get and travel from the 3 different distinct locations to the others.

I created 2 sims, one for the light side and one for the dark side, just to see the different character options and to see how they would play and it was so much fun.

Also for the build mode, you get plenty of new things to build your houses and surroundings with, like a speeder for example.

If you like star wars and you are a fan of the sims, this pack is a must have for any sims/star wars fan and you will have plenty of fun with it. I highly recommend it.

(I have in this review not mentioned specifics as to not spoil anything, so I don’t ruin your experience of your playthrough).

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