Review: Sonic origins

As an older gamer, having seen most of the games since the 90’s, I have seen most of the gaming trends. Some games have the capacity to bring you back to a certain period in time. Not many can do that as well as this game can.

For context, I never owned a megadrive so the sonic games were games I occasionally played when I visited my cousins. So when I started up Sonic origins I was again that 7-8 year old at my aunt’s house, smoke-filled while my parents played cards and we, the children, fueled by way too much candy and soda played games until we past out of tiredness on the sofa. My gameboy went with me everywhere so it was an evening filled with gameboy interchanged with the megadrive where I passed controllers every time one of us died.

Sonic is one of those games that you can keep playing and keep enjoying. You might have played some stages millions of times and you still want to play them, as the sound, the feel, the music are so iconic.

This collection, brings back the original games, with the same engine as Sonic Mania, but besides that it is a faithful remake from the ground up. Us, older gamers, can enjoy the nostalgia trip, while newer gamers get to enjoy the games for the first time.

The improvements that are in the game, like the museum, are even more enjoyable as you get to see art and listen to music outside of the games, even from other releases, like the Japanese version of the game. What I liked particularly were the scans of the manuals, as they were released originally when you got the games. Awesome.

I recommend this series for first timers, like little kids looking for a fun platformer, like we enjoyed in the 90’s or for those nostalgic old gamers as we are, and everything in between, as all gamers can enjoy these games, even if you are not a fan of sonic, or don’t know much about the series, this is the perfect entry point.

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