Review: Poker Club

Bluffing, All in, Four of a Kind, Royal Flush. Are these terms familiar to you or not? If not then you might want to enjoy this game, if they do, then you might enjoy this game.

This game is for casual poker players and established poker players. It is a game that wants to deliver an as authentic experience of poker as possible. You don’t have to invest your hard-earned money, as you get plenty by just login in and you get a 50 000 chip start up front.

The goals of the game is to build a name for yourself. Everything centers around you and your poker experience. For every action you do during a game, you will get experience points and with these points… obviously… you level up. The bigger your name, the more you unlock and the more unique your player will look.

It is all about customizing your poker player and generating money to expand your club.

You can custumize your players hair, clothes, glasses, what they bring to the table (like a rubiks cube or some chips), to how the table looks, to how the cards look, to how the chips look. All are purchased in game with the chips you earn, but they are locked behind your experience level.

This is a social game, like poker should be. You can play with friends or play with people online. The only thing that I noticed is that there are a lot of bots still and their betting behaviour is quite predictable. If you raise high enough, and they still follow… leave. Most of the bots will have at least a pair, so don’t go bluffing against them. Bluffs work, but you have to know when and where to bluff, as these AI players will fold as well, if they have nothing, so their behaviour is quite predictable, which is like most online poker games.

For a game selling its realism as one of its selling points, I noticed that how the cards are handled when folding or when dealt out is not realistic in the least, and for someone who handles cards on a daily basis and hearing realism, this is quite a bummer, but for most non-card-centric folks, this will not be a problem.

It gives you a solid experience of sitting at the card table, but it doesn’t give you the rush of really sitting at a card table, of really reading your opponent, which poker is. This is a more fleshed out experience like others, and for the price you aren’t cheated out of your money, but it isn’t realistic or a full experience, although they did a very, very good job in how many detail they bring to the game, for example: the cards have texture, which for a card-nerd like me, is a great thing. Sad that they don’t have brandname-backs, because that would have totally made my day.

If you like poker or would love to learn poker, this is a solid place to start.

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