Review: Need for Speed: Hot pursuit Remastered

For years we, the fans of Need for Speed, been begging for a remaster of Need for Speed Underground 2. That game was a masterful creation of the car culture of the time, perfecty released when the Fast and the furious craze and car tuning was at its height. Now they have given us a remaster: Hot Pursuit. Is it what we need? Is it what we want? Is it even a good remaster?

For us oldtimers, this is going back ten years in time, when we first opened the box, popped in the disc and started to evade police for a hobby. It feels like going back in time, and for the younger generation spoiled by graphics and visual improvements, it is a great opportunity to set foot in a classic that isn’t riddled with microtransactions and harkens back to the olden times of gaming.

You can both compete as a street racer or a cop. As a street racer you need to complete sprint races and try to avoid the cops. You can utilize Nitrous Oxide and shortcuts to get to first place, while as a cop you get all the gadgets (which you earn in game) to get the culprits and keep your streets safe. A fun fact: every car is introduced by Jane Perry, whom fans of the Hitman Franchise might also recognize as the voice of Diana Burnwood.

The fun thing about the game, when you have friends playing this game (Verjim, I’m looking at you) you can try and compete for the fastest time, so there is a bit of a social element as well, and it is fun to beat your friends, although I don’t know how he does it, he always has the fastest time… although sometimes I beat him… Time to drive again, I think.

This game looks fantastic, although the upgrade isn’t that big compared to its predecessor. It isn’t a sore in the eye and the gameplay was perfect to begin with, what this package includes as well is the DLC so you get one neat package, and nicer graphics for one nice price.

Compared to the latest releases like NFS: Payback, it is nice to see that since NFS: Heat, they are going back to the roots of the Need For Speed series and there is no better way than to bring back a classic for the newer generation.

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