Review: Let’s sing 2022

Mic check. Mic check. One two three. Test test. And where are off!

A music game needs everything from its soundtrack and while there are some awesome songs on the game, ones that easily are those that you would sing under the shower (wait, you don’t sing under the shower?), to be absolutely honest, I expected more songs in the base game. 30 songs. That’s it. I must admit that there are fun songs in between them. Back to black by Amy Winehouse, Seven Nation Army by the white stripes (anyone care to beat my 428k personal record?), there are also songs by pop stars that, as an autistic, I can not sing, like Sia, who is featured in 2 songs here. This is thank to her release of the movie Music, in which an autistic girl is portrayed by a neurotypical girl in blackface and really harmful stereotypical way. Also Sia’s way of handling autistic criticism was appaling to say the least.

My criticism of Sia has nothing to do with the game, but I have to make a note of this as I have not been able to play or test the legend mode, as the first song you have to sing to get past that one, is one by Sia, and for the life of me, I can not do it. I just have to remark this to be completely fair.

What you get is what you can expect from previous titles as the formula is unchanged. You get the online mode, where you can compete against other players, and nothing is more satisfying than beating someone while you are having fun singing a favourite song.

You have party modes as well, which must be fun to play with players while you are having a night in, but thanks to covid, and not being able to get together, I have not been able to test this one. A game like this screams for couch co-op and just having a fun gaming night at somebody’s house.

What I don’t like, besides the sia songs, is the fact that you can buy a song pass, or buy the packs with songs from the 90’s for example, but unlike in other music games, there is no option to buy the songs seperately, so you are stuck with buying the songs you want, plus the songs you don’t want. it would be way more fun if there was an option to only buy the songs you want, so you can get them cheaper and annoy your neighbours with your vocals to (in my case) 90’s classics like boombastic. Sad that I have to buy 4 other songs that I don’t like that well to get access to this one.

If you liked previous entries in the series, you will absolutely love this one with the latest releases from the music world.

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