Review: Immortals: Fenyx Rising

welcome, great warrior. Welcome to the realm of the Gods. don’t mind the red pits everywhere. They will soon be cleaned up. We have our own clean up crew, namely Fenyx.

Fenyx is the hero of the story and the one that needs to fix the small thing with Typhon, Typhos, whatever he is called. You see those beasts: those harpies, those gorgons, those cyclopses,… small mishap. At the beginning of time, when Zeus started to rule (yes, you!) he locked up Typhon or whatever his name is. You might have seen the Disney movie where this is referenced. Well, now he broke out and he is pissed. Maybe a little overreacting, a bit hormonal, you know how titans get. He is mad at all the gods, especially at our friend Zeus (yes, you). And Hermes has recruited a hero, Fenyx, to act as our clean up crew and to save the hall of the Gods. Off course, we sent other heroes… Achilles suffered from his heel, others weren’t up to the task… You know the usual, like when you are moving… 30 people say they will help, but only 1 comes to help. Same here (Start with the review already!)

Fenyx starts of rather powerless on a boat, in the shadow of her brother and soon sees her boat and the crew stranded on an island. She (or he), depending on what you choose, gets to be the only survivor. They see what Typhon (the guy referenced above) has done to the world and they are recruited to save the day.

The world is a colourfull display and a reference of myths of Greek Mythology, lovely created by the team that created Assassins Creed: Odyssey, and it shows. The enviroment is awesome, the enemies are plentiful and Fenyx gets to traverse the world on her own by wings (Daedalus anyone, or did he find better glue?)

The game, although I haven’t played Breath of the wild, has a bit of a resemblance to it and as you might expect takes a lot from Assassins creed: Odyssey. For example: how the menu is laid out is pure Odyssey. How you need to unlock the map… Odyssey.

What I personally like is that you can stand on the tallest spot (like in Assassins Creed) but you can mark interesting spots, so they are not revealed on your map until you start looking out for them and you “scan” them. This is a nice addition, but you can just as easily just traverse the world and search for everything.

The world isn’t super-large and won’t take you hours to traverse, which makes it a nice and compact world, which for me as an adhd’er is a huge surplus. What is also liked is that you get the 3 weapons you are going to use, upfront in the game and like in old school games, you keep those and don’t need to swap them out. This is RPG superlite and is a welcome change from all the RPG overflow we got lately.

What I didn’t like is the Zeus/Prometheus banter. I get that they try to be funny and try to make the game more interesting, but they should have hired a better comic to write the jokes as they mostly fall flat, although they have some very good ones (especially the one of Aphrodite’s creation myth), most of them fall flat. The humour is not for everyone.

This game feels to me like a 3D version of the classic Disney Hercules game, which I loved and played hours and hours off. I want more of these mythological games made for children, as this feels like a childrens game to me, but which makes mythology accessible.

For me this is an Assassins Creed Odyssey Light on the size and scale for children, which isn’t bad and can be enjoyed by adults alike.

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