Review: House flipper

House flipper is a hidden gem, as I have only now, 2 years after its release, have come accross it.

What is house flipper like?
If you like “the sims” house flipper will be right up your alley. What you have to do is fix a house up and sell it, that is all. The depth of this is up to you. You can just simply clean it up and sell it forth, but if you want to really make a profit, then you have to go the other mile and channel your inner architect and interior decorator and really make it a palace.

In jokes?
What I also like is the in jokes. There is a house like the Michael Myers movies and you can fix up that house. Also the home alone house and the breaking bad house. There are also enough surprises (and secrets) to be a deep enough experiences.

Garden flipper?
Yes, there is a dlc also that let’s you fix up the garden. Where the base game is pretty solid in it’s control, I really dislike the lawnmower. The lawnmower in Garden flipper is a really irritating thing to operate (it also doesn’t help that I hate a lawnmower in real life either).

The last dlc gives you a make-over tv show and you are tasked with fixing up a house to the preference of the people that live it. You are given choices to choose between the characters that live in it. This gives house flipper still another dimension.

House flipper in itself is a meditation in gaming. You have to fix up houses and sell them, that is the core thing, but it’s just for you. You can go as far or keep it as shallow as you want.

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