Review: Hades

I have spent many hours in this game. Many, many hours. Not only playing, but also watching streamers play it.
Anything with Greek mythology is for me a flame and I am the moth. I need to see it, need to experience it. I am a Greek Mythology Addict and yes, I run sessions for those that are afflicted by it.

Hades is my latest fix. There is nothing that I don’t like about the game. It works on both Mac and Windows perfectly, as I have tested both. The soundtrack is simply awesome to listen to, also just during writing an article (especially this one), and the voice acting is funny and well done.

The developer’s take on Greek Mythology is interesting and their re-imagening of some of the gods is awesome to see. I love how they talk to Zagreus and how they interact with him and the boons they give him are inspired by their role in the pantheon.

The action is fast-paced and losing isn’t a bad thing, and I love how the game doesn’t give you a “you died” screen that is to harsch, as you will die a lot in this game, as it is part of the journey. The destination: escaping hell, is a clear goal, but it is all about the journey out of hell, which hasn’t happened to me yet, but I hope will soon happen during my many, many playthroughs of the game.

I am normally not a fan of Animé like visuals, but in this game it works. In this game the style is not over the top and works with the tone the creators want to set. It is no wonder that Hades is a hit like it is and is talked about all over the internet.

This is a fast paced game that gives you choices after every room you clear and those choices dictate your playthrough at that moment, so you better make thoughtful choices, but the game doesn’t hold your hand with hundreds of tutorials and splash-screens on how to do things, not even on the first try. You dive in and there you go. You are up to your own. You learn the mechanics and everything while you play, not during some tutorial or training mission. Your tries are your training. This is how a game should be build.

I must admit that the game isn’t for everyone. The game needs fast reflexes and asks of you to process a lot of information quickly, so for the disabled in that area, this game might not be for you, but will still be enjoyable to watch others play, if there was an easier mode or a time-slow mechanic this might make the game more accessible towards people with motor disabilities that just need a few milliseconds longer to process their movements.

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