Review: Grid (2019)

What should a racer have? Cars. Preferably lots of them. Grid delivers in the cars department. The cars look and handle beautifully. The customisation options are barebones, but offer plenty of choice for those that want their car to look like their own.

The tracks themselves are fun to drive on too, although on the narrow side and avoiding colissions is unavoidable, which triggers the new nemesis system.

To set themselves apart from other racers, Grid implements the nemesis system. When you crash into one opponent often enough or irk them long enough, they will become your nemesis for that race, and that race only. Which I think is a wasted opportunity from an otherwise wonderful system.

It would have been awesome to see the system being carried over into other races so that the one nemesis you have keeps bugging you into other races until you truly hate eachother. Missed opportunity, but probably something they carry over into a next installment.

Online is really, really barebones. You get the option to quickmatch and custom match and that is it. Do not expect a lot of extras because there aren’t any, and even then it feels as if the multiplayer was a late addition to the game as I had a major bug on my first ever online Grid race. When I went online I controlled 2 cars at once and was thrown out of the race for driving out of bounds to many times. My main car was driving 7th and I was thrown out because the other car I controlled was driving last and was driving out of bounds. This put me of of online racing in Grid, and I will probably not try it anymore.

Offline racing is where Grid shines. Although there is no story or extra fluff, I don’t feel it is necessary and it feels like a racing game should feel. I would have expected more tracks and more cars, but they are going to fix that in DLC which in my opinion should have been included in the base game.

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