Review: Fuser

Ever wanted to be a dj? After games such as DJ hero in the music genre, this is probably going to be the closest thing on console. From the creators of last gens guitar craze. Now they come with a new formula and it seems centered around online streamers, but the single player is awesome to play as well.

I absolutely love to play with the music, which obviously is at center here, although personal style is applauded as well.

The campaign seems to be one big tutorial for all the techniques you need to develop and getting the required score isn’t that easy. I requires real skills. Although the game doesn’t pick up if you go with the beat or go nice in sync with the lyrics when you make transitions, it only keeps track of the in game things that it does track, which makes some transitions between loops, instruments and samples awkward if you go by the game itself.

The game is creative, fun to play and looks visually stunning even on last gen, but on next gen it obviously loads faster and still looks incredible. The game’s characters are quirky and the feeling is something between the sims and DJ Hero.

It boasts it customisability of the character and you can choose which records you want to play during your set, which out of the huge library of over a 100 songs is absolutely awesome. What I like is that you can customise your stage presence and how you want to be seen like what to display on the monitors, what to show qua fireworks or pyrotechnics, although you have to unlock those, but it is a nice thing to work towards.

The game forces you to do nothing but it feels like you have a lot of freedom to play how you want.

The multiplayer is weird and isn’t explained very well, which is a sad thing. i would have loved to play together with a friend and jsut communicate how we swap gameplay and just riff-off eachother instead of the weird co-play mode that is now online and the battle-mode is a mish-mash of calculations and metrics and isn’t centered around the music you play, it doesn’t play like the campaign mode, which I think is sad.

The game is fun, but don’t buy it for the multiplayer mode. Play it like a single player mode only then, but I am curious to see how the game will evolve, if it evolves.

below is a mix trailer to get a good feel for the game

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